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This is a free service for the brides, grooms and their parents.  This service is presently limited to Indian Hindus of all communities and castes.  Based on the date, time and place of birth of the individual, his or her horoscope will be cast and  several aspects of compatibility will be studied.  Then the concerned matching parties will be informed. It is for them to directly discuss and finalise an alliance as required by them.  There is no other commitment on this account.
It is a simple service at no cost.
To avail this free service, you may please fill up the following details about you or your wards and send the same by email.

1.  Full Name:
*2.  Sex:
*3.  Date of Birth:
*4:  Time of birth:
*5:  Place of birth:
*6:  Religion:
*7:  Caste/Sub Caste:
*8:  Marital Status:
*9:  Qualifications:
*10:  Employment status:
*11: E-mail address:
12: Relationship with the bride/groom:(self or parent/friend/relative)
13: Postal address for communication:
14: Nativity:
15. Height:.......................Weight:..............Complexion:......................
16: Please give a brief account of the general characteristics of the bride/groom: (like smoking, drinking, eating habits, hobbies etc.)
17: Please give a brief on what you expect from the matching person about the parameters given at 6,7,8 & 9 above:
18: Any other relevent information you would like to place in the database:
email address is:
* Details against these are essential
This form will soon be made for self submission.  Till then, you may fill it and send it by copying & pasting in an email or as an attachment to email.
For your further reading interest: Some aspects of Horoscope and Matrimonial Compatibility.
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